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October 7, 2012
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Character Design Sheet Example - Headmaster K by kikikittykat Character Design Sheet Example - Headmaster K by kikikittykat
This is an example of how your Character Design Sheet should look, but remember: be creative!

:bulletgreen: As far as art goes-- use bases, digital art, traditional art, scan it, take a pic of it, doesn't matter!

:bulletgreen: You may decorate the character sheet any way you want! (So long as it can be easily recognized as an AoV Application-- and you can not change the background color of the sheet. The sheet must remain red, if you are a student. Which you are. So it will be red. Yes.)

:bulletred: However you MAY NOT copy/paste/steal another person's art and use it as your character in AoV, if we discover that you have used someone's art without their permission or knowledge your sheet will be taken down and you will be removed from the group.

IMPORTANT: The Dorms & Classes section should remain blank until you are accepted into the group. Once you are accepted and sorted into a Dorm, and your classes have been chosen, you can then go back and update your character sheet with the new information.

Choosing your Dorm: The colored bubbles on the side represent Aov's nine Dorms. Your Dorm is chosen by your character's personality. Pick and number only three Dorms that fit your character's personality the most, you will only end up in one of them. The Dorm you end up in will essentially be decided by ~kikikittykat

**NOTE: I, ~kikikittykat usually message you with your acceptance into the group, right in the comment section of your character sheet within 5 business days. (It usually doesn't take that long) If I do not message you within that time please send the link of your sheet to me, ~kikikittykat personally in a note and gently remind me, thank you! :heart:


((Warning: lots and lots of info ahead! lol))

:star: REMEMBER! The info below is widely/casually known about him. Some things about him aren't posted here-- you'll have to find out about them on your own!

Name: Headmaster K
Age: Old
Looks: about 25
Species: Human
Race: Norwegian
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140 pounds
Eyes: light blue
Hair: light blond
B-day: July 6th
Eyesight: Near-sighted
Birth country: Norway
Favorite Color: Yellow: The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination, Yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous, searching for novelty and self-fulfillment. Yellow usually goes with a sunny and shrewd personality, with a good business head and a strong sense of humor. It is the color of intellectuality and all things to do with the mind. Yellow folks are usually clear and precise thinkers who have a good opinion of their own mental capacities and who have lofty ideals. They may at times tend to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and action.


Personality: ((WHOOPS I WROTE A BOOK.))

K is a tad complicated. He has two sides to his personality. (not two personalities, just two /sides/ to his one personality.)

The dominate side of K's personality
is rather easy to get along with-- he's a gentleman, kind, gentle, loving, caring, trusting, humble and warmhearted.
He seems to truly care about everyone around him-- whether he knows them well or not.

This side of his personality tends to see the world through rose-colored glasses and appears to be rather oblivious to the horrors around him, making him a hopeless-romantic to boot. He claims everyone in his Academy is an innocent Angel. What does that tell you?

K is generally wimpy, or emotional-- he can't hide what he's feeling, any emotion he's experiencing shows on his face, clear as day. He cries a lot.

The second side to K's personality,
is his 'business' side. It's also a tad complicated itself. This side of his personality shows up on rare occasions.

This side of K is stubborn, sharp-minded, violent and vocal. He's very blunt/bold about how he acts, often disregarding his own safety or well-being.

He can sometimes say some pretty sharp/mean things-- but something always underlines this side of K: Derpyness.

K can't have a serious moment, without screwing it up with his own clumsiness or silliness. Often his badass moments are ruined by something he says or does, and it becomes an awkward display of someone who isn't a badass, trying very, very hard to be one.

In this mode, K can get violent-- but unless you're made of paper-- he probably can't harm you. At least not physically. He'll break things-- punch things, throw himself about and shout/rant a lot-- but I assure you, it's pretty much all bark and no bite.

Only if a life is being truly threatened, (not his own) will K resort to fighting seriously (or at least try) he can usually deal one decent punch before being rendered useless. Very rarely will he fight with Magic/Alchemy. (If his own life is being threatened he'll usually run like hell.)

Things present in both sides of his personality:

1) His care/love for others.

2) His dorky/silly/clumsy/wimpyness

3) His emotions/his true thoughts or feelings there's no hiding them. Expect to hear exactly what he's thinking and see exactly what he's feeling.

4) His intelligence. It may not look like it-- but it's there. K's a true scholar, and a brilliant man. However, he's not life-smart and his dorky-ness often makes him appear stupid.

5) He can be easily embarrassed in any situation.


Speaks: Norwegian, English, Sign Language, some Portuguese.

Health problems/Weaknesses/fears: (In that order)
- Allergic to mint, fair skinned/sunburns easily, motion sickness, Vasovagal response & vomiting caused by the sight of blood.
- Lengthy hand-to-hand combat/physical struggles, fire magic, poor eyesight.
- Being utterly alone, (meaning all contacts are dead, not being physically alone) physical battles/being hurt.

Hobbies: Reading, studying creatures, Alchemy, doodling, (though he's very bad at drawing) going for long walks inside the Academy, playing piano.

Likes: His Students and Staff, (all of them, even the ones who are mean to him/don't like him) cold weather, creatures, books, playing the piano, Gothic cathedral/Victorian styled architecture, cats, pasta, children, Norway, exploring, relaxing, mysteries/puzzles/secrets, swimming, and last but not least his Academy-- every darn inch of it.

Dislikes: physical work, paperwork, mints, sunny days/hot weather, plastic stuff, (here meaning cheep plastic/modern items-- he likes things made out of wood or metal.) His Academy being damaged, or his Students/Staff being harmed, being told what to do, Alcohol (he seems to have a vicious vendetta against the beverage.)


- K is very touchy-feely, and is always giving out handshakes, back/head pats, hair ruffles, kisses, hugging, etc. YUP.

- The symbol on the left side of his neck is not a tattoo, it's a brand.

- An excellent and powerful Water and Wind magic user, or.. so he claims. A lot of evidence suggests otherwise.

- A born Alchemist. This man knows Alchemy inside and out, even upside down.

- He will never betray anyone. Unless it is to save that person, or others.

- He is left handed.

- He can often come off as flirtatious, how he compliments and rubs all over others. (being all touchy-feely and being a people-pleaser) However, this is not usually intentional-- and if he is flirted with he'll often dodge it, become nervous/embarrassed and laugh a lot.

- He built the Academy with his inheritance money, and a few 'extra funds'. He also drafted the entire building himself.

- K does not wash his clothes, he simply buys a million pairs of the same thing, and wears a new pair each day, throwing the old ones in storage because washing clothes to him is 'gross'. He saves the old pairs, claiming they're a part of him.. or something.

- He is very vocal with his hands-- he does lots of exaggerated hand movements and body language to get his point across.

- He's very humble about his position, and thinks of himself as equal to all of his Students and Staff.

- K is an excellent business man, and true contract swindler-- be careful-- he can be very tricky when it comes to paper.

- He loves the finer things in life, and probably could not survive living on the streets (he's a bit pampered, and tends to like to pamper/preen/take care of others.)

- A very clean man, who tends to like to look and smell nice, he can be very professional when it comes to public speaking and being a host and gentleman. Given his clumsiness doesn't ruin things.


Thank you for reading! Phew, that was a lot! Sorry bout' that! ;U; :heart:

I know, K is complicated. XD

In short: He loves everyone, and he's a quirky, stupid, genius. YUP. Aha, contradictions. XD

K (c) ~kikikittykat
Blank application by - ~eldendgha

((I'll update this as things come up. 8D :heart:))
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